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Wanderlust Collection

Wanderlust Collection


Our August collection is all about transition. We’re saying a reluctant goodbye to summer and welcoming a brisk, new time of year.

Transition can be connected with the constant movement of nomadic people. The textures, colors, and cultures of wanderers were extremely influential when we set out to design a collection that would capture the essence of it all—a touch of bohemian, a dash of autumn’s air, and we wrapped it all up in a tidy package made from nature.

Here are three elements of the collection that we find especially loveable:


Ten Thousand Villages, Wanderlust, Draped, Scarves

Traveler’s Heart Scarf

Storied embroideries drape to shield against a cold wind, calling you to meander and move.

Stitched Silk Sari Scarf

Silk from a moment spent in the East shows the maker’s stitch.


Ten Thousand Villages, Wanderlust, Earthen, Geode Pendant

Geode Stone Pendant

A shard of geode, straight from the mouth of a cave, captures the mystery of what lies inside with the bats and stalactites.

Ten Thousand Villages, Wanderlust, Earthen, Bone and Gold Earrings

Slow Rain Earrings

Animal bone carries wisdom, and rain slows if you take the time to watch each drop.

Wood’s Whispers Bracelet

Feel one with the woods with sticks smooth as wisps of smoke surrounding the wrist.


Ten Thousand Villages, Wandlust, Global, Metal Bib Necklaces

Cirque Collar Necklace

Like armor for the heart, a hinged collar is strong as the will of the wearer.

Indian Nights Necklace

Ornate as a relic from an ancient dynasty, several metal strands hang heavy on a dark ribbon.

This fall, when you go about dressing to express a mood that matches a time of transition, keep in mind these three elements to capture a look of calm authenticity. Embrace your wanderlust.

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