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With Her Whole Heart: The Work of Mrs. Karyawati

With Her Whole Heart: The Work of Mrs. Karyawati

Looking for some lovely news? Our brushed sterling silver collection from Indonesia has grown. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Charming Heart Earrings and Necklace have arrived!

Charming Heart Earrings

What we love most about these pieces is their versatility. High-quality sterling silver is an unforgettable gift for your significant other, but the sweet and simple sentiment of the design make this jewelry an excellent gift for the platonic loves in your life as well. The Sweet Heart Bracelet is even outfitted with two clasp options that allow it to fit a wide range of wrist sizes, making it a perfect gift for a mother or young daughter.

Sweet Heart Bracelet

The pieces in this collection feature sterling silver in all its gleaming glory, but what makes them stand-out is the brushed technique, which adds an eye-catching bit of texture. While this collection has been designed witha minimalist in mind, the impact of the income they provide for the jewelry artisans of the Karyawati workshop is significant.

Mrs. Karyawati, Mitra Bali Fair Trade, Indonesia

Made Karyawati, leader of the workshop, knows a thing or two about jewelry. For over twenty years, she has been working as a jewelry designer, and her partnership with PT. Mitra Bali Fair Trade, our partner in Indonesia, began in 1997. Being able to receive fair wages for her work has added security to Mrs. Karyawati’s life. With her income, she has been able to build a family temple (a traditional practice in Indonesia), and send her two daughters to school. Her older daughter has finished nursing school and her younger daughter is now in elementary school. Mrs. Karyawati noted that the income opportunities available through fair trade significantly changed her life because they enabled her to support her younger daughter who is adopted.

Along with the rest of the world, Mrs. Karyawati and the artisans in her workshop have been affected by the global pandemic. While Mrs. Karyawati can rely somewhat on her small farm, her work as a jeweler is the primary way she supports her family and is able to provide an income for the artisans in her workshop. Not only that, jewelry design brings joy to Mrs Karyawati’s life. She shared that her happiest feeling is when one of her product samples is selected to become a new order.

When you gift a sterling silver treasure from Mrs. Karyawati’s collection to your loved one, the love behind your gift is felt near and far. This year, you can also spread some love into the world by investing in our mission to connect artisans to opportunities to earn a fair wage through a donation. This Valentine’s day (or Galentine’s Day!) give your loved one your whole heart with a gift from the brushed sterling silver collection.

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