Leaf Capiz Earrings

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  • Description

    Handcrafted by artisans in the Philippines, these earrings of wafer-thin leaf motif pieces are made from capiz, the thin shell of a marine mollusk. First artisans wash and soak shells. After the shells have dried, they are cut into shapes and edged with metal wire. A finishing coat of varnish completes this labor-intensive process. Before glass windows became available in the Philippines, capiz was used for windows in houses.

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    • Capiz, metal
    • 2.5L inches
    • Made in Philippines

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    SKU: 7913530

  • The Makers
    Saffy Handicrafts

    Saffy HandicraftsSaffy Handicrafts is the business export arm of SAFRUDI, the Social Action Foundation for Rural and Urban Development, a social services organization in the Philippines. SAFRUDI markets products for many small artisan workshops, and runs its own production unit specializing in capiz shell items. Read more.

Reviews (7)

  • Beaaaautiful

    . . . . .

    Love these earrings. They are my favorite "go to" earrings to wear.

  • Very pretty and great fun to wear!!

    . . . . .

    These are lovely - a great combination of the "veins" in the leaf which have a soft sheen and the shell background which is sheer and matte. They look great with a variety of clothes! One caution: add backers to prevent losing one. Love them!

  • Very pretty

    . . . . .

    These are lovely, but bigger than I expected - probably about an inch long.

  • Beautiful

    . . . . .

    My daughter is going to love these!

  • Awesome

    . . . . .

    Light weight and pretty

  • These earrings are lovely and a nice addition to my collection!

    . . . . .

    I love these earrings because they are so pretty and have a lot of detail, also, they don't bother my sensitive ears!

  • Great value!

    . . . . .

    These are really cute and fun earrings. My sister was thrilled to receive them as a gift for her birthday.

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