Sips of Summer-Mocktails

Sips of Summer—Mocktails

Mocktails bring all the class and nostalgia of the fifties without the dizzying effects of alcohol. What better way to celebrate a perfectly warm day than lounging on the deck with friends, sipping some sweet and cool refreshing beverages? Fruit juices, fresh herbs, and classic cocktail mixers will come together as a beautiful and tasty alternative to a boozy mixed drink.mocktails_5_horizontal_newcrop

And the best part is—these mocktails are actually good for you! With sparkling water, natural fruits and herbs, these drinks are hydrating and rich in vitamins.

Cilantro Julep

Club Soda
Lime juice
Pineapple Juice
Cilantro leaves
Pineapple wedge garnish


Peach Fizz

Sparkling cider
Peach nectar
Aromatic bitters (3 drops)
Sprig of fresh thyme garnish




Sparkling Lemon Mojito

Club soda
Lemon juice
Simple syrup
Crushed mint leaves

Sparkly Star Punch

Tonic water
Cranberry juice/grapefruit juice
Fresh ginger, crushed
Whole star anise
-Simmer ginger and anise star in water for 10 mins, cool with ice, then add cold ingredients

Bring out the special tablecloth and glasses to make it an especially classy day. The highlands glass series from Bolivia features various shaped glasses and a tall carafe, translucent enough to show off the colors of your drinks while adding a naturally bubbled texture for a casual and fun feel. Pair these glasses with a bright and boldly colored tablecloth, maybe a vase of flowers, and you’re all set for a retro afternoon in the sun.