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Deep Currents Vase

A refreshing green vase handcrafted in swirling Phoenician glass by artisans of Hebron Glass & Ceramic Factory. Recycled bottles are smashed into pieces and melted in high-temperature ovens. In Phoenician glass blowing, artisans add substances to the molten glass, resulting in a reaction that creates the trademark swirling range of colors. Working with this process takes an especially skilled hand and is reserved for the true experts of the art. This is a heritage craft, often with family recipe secrets that are passed down through generations. Phoenician glass is so prized that it is gifted for weddings. Every Deep Currents Vase has its own unique blend of color and pattern, making each one, one of a kind. 


  • Materials: Recycled glass bottles
  • Measures: 4.5"D x 8"H
  • Colors: Green, yellow, blue
  • Care: Handwash
  • Notes: As a handcrafted piece, it is one-of-a-kind. Color variations are expected, making each one unique. 
  • Handcrafted in West Bank

SKU: 2706150


Named for its location, Hebron Glass is located in the historic West Bank city of Hebron, well-known for its traditional glass-blowing. Hebron Glass operates three main workshops in Hebron, in addition to artisans who work in their own homes. Some 60 artisans, women and men, work with Hebron Glass, earning excellent income and benefiting from safe working environments.Established in 1890, Hebron Glass is a family business that has expanded over the years and is now exporting traditional glassware and ceramics products. The group aims to build lasting relationships with fair trade associations and provide artisans with orders throughout the year. All tabletop items created by Hebron Glass are lead-free and safe to use. Ten Thousand Villages introduced its first products from Hebron Glass in 2009.

Welcome to our global maker-to-market movement where, together with 20,000 artisans, we ignite social change. We create opportunities for individuals, families, and communities in developing countries to thrive through strong relationships, fair wages, safe working conditions, and sustainable practices.