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War and Peace Earrings

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  • Absolutely beautiful!

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    I bought 2 pairs of these earrings and gave a pair to each of my daughters in law. The earrings are absolutely beautiful and striking! BOTH young ladies LOVED them and they were so moved to hear the "back story" of the earrings!

  • Beautiful!!!

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    They are so light and comfortable to wear. Beautiful and elegant. I just love them!

  • beautiful

    . . . . .

    I saw these at the store and loved how they looked, but probably wouldn't have bought them for myself (saving money, reducing stuff in my life). Then I read the story of their creation--they are made from bomb casings left over from the war. The artists are truly turning swords into ploughshares, and it gave me a tiny spark of hope for the world. If that bloody place can have some healing, it is possible for other places, in time.

  • Beautiful and Well Made.

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    Beautiful and Well Made.

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