War and Peace Earrings

Authentic Fair Trade Product. Ethically sourced. Handcrafted in Cambodia.

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These are no ordinary earrings. Decades of war have left Cambodia’s farmlands littered with brass casings from bombs, bullets and landmines. The metal that remains as a reminder of conflict is collected to be transformed into a symbol of resilience and healing. Artisans fashion these brass casings into jewelry pieces that carry messages of hope. Each of these earrings is inscribed with the Khmer word for “peace.”

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  • Brass
  • 2L inches
  • Handcrafted in Cambodia

UPC: 732919486308

SKU: 5304240

  • The Makers
    Rajana Association of Cambodia

    Rajana Association of CambodiaThe Rajana Association is a nonprofit organization for income generation and skills training, producing fair trade products using traditional Cambodian skills with contemporary designs. Read more.

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    • beautiful
      . . . . .

      I saw these at the store and loved how they looked, but probably wouldn't have bought them for myself (saving money, reducing stuff in my life). Then I read the story of their creation--they are made from bomb casings left over from the war. The artists are truly turning swords into ploughshares, an...

    • Beautiful and Well Made.
      . . . . .

      Beautiful and Well Made....

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