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How-to Create Your Outdoor Oasis

How-to Create Your Outdoor Oasis

The sun streams through the trees as the cool morning air greets me. I step outside with my morning coffee. It’s a retreat, my small deck. I hear the birds and am grateful for this little moment.

Collectively, we’ve come to understand that life is made up of these small moments and we want to create more of them—for ourselves, our families, our friends.

handmade bird feeder atTen Thousand Villages

We offer these sweet suggestions on how to create your very own outdoor oasis:

1. Green it up

If it’s a yard you have for your outdoor oasis, learn about native plants. They’re easier to keep alive, require less water, and are better for pollinators. A deck: Add potted plants, grow a small herb garden in a pot, or a felt wall hanging container. They’re gorgeous and herbs are delicious added to salads and sauces. If you don’t have an outdoor space, maybe you can “share” one. In Brooklyn, the kids and I planted wildflower seeds along the sidewalk in a patch of bare earth. (Make sure it doesn’t belong to anyone and check that it’s ok.)

handmade pig planter at Ten with coral flower at the base of three pairs of feet sitting on a stoop
black metal candleholder with cutouts that look like grass blowing in the wind

2. Add lights

Patio lanterns, candles, twinkle lights—you’ll feel like you’re in a film scene at a fabulous French villa—this may take a bit of imagination, but you see where I’m going with this.

waxing and waning moon tea lights, set of five on a wood table with greens in the background

3. Feature water

A friend built a stunning rock waterfall. It took him two years—he plugged away and it was worth it! It feels like you’ve hiked into the mountains, coming across a secret spot, small and private. For the rest of us, a stone bird bath, or if you have a yard, just turn on the sprinkler and bust out the slip and slide! Or for our city friends, perhaps it’s a New York style block party where you get permission to use the fire hydrant or host a sponge water fight, where all you need is a bucket and a sponge! They’re fun to throw at one another and less mess to clean up than water balloons! Water adds elements of crazy fun all the way peaceful tranquility.

rain catcher to replace a drainpipe off a roof made of brass
white lace-looking handknotted hammock

4. Comfortable seats

Adirondack chairs and hammocks are a favorite. Classic and comfortable for most. LL Bean’s allweather chairs stand up well to the elements and look great. If you don’t have your own outdoor space, pack a bag with a blanket, a picnic and walk or bike to a local park. Getting outside does wonders for the soul—and lying in the sun or shade may be the most comfortable seats ever!

blue and white hammock chair with a dowel to hang
curly cue brass bells hanging from a pine
metal bell sculpture hanging on a porch with two striking white columns in the background with greens

Wherever you find yourself, I hope it includes a moment outside. It’s our birth right to enjoy this big, beautiful, miraculous planet—each of us, connected. We hope to see you out there.

butterfly suncatcher
blue and white hammock chair
watercourse rain chain
summer day white hammock
teardrop sari birdhouse
upcycled flip flop mat
recycled tire utility tote
dream bells wind chime
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