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Celebrating Firsts: Ethical Christmas Gifts for Life’s Milestones

Celebrating Firsts: Ethical Christmas Gifts for Life’s Milestones

There’s no better time than the holidays to commemorate life’s milestones together. Here’s our gift guide for each exciting chapter.

First Christmas Ever!

First Christmas Ever! | Baby Bibs

A baby’s first Christmas is an exciting occasion! Well, it is for the parents, at least. For the baby, it’s probably a day like any other but with more twinkly things. Depending on how old the baby is, they’ve probably already soiled or grown out of much of what the new parents received at the baby shower. An ethical gift from the Little World collection is in order! The Upcycled Sari Baby Blanket and Bibs will be a sight for sore eyes. Plus, the bibs are reinforced with a terry cloth backing, so they’ll be able to weather a few spills. These eco-friendly gifts were handcrafted by women in Bangladesh working with our fair trade partner Prokritee. Or add play to every part of the day, with handcrafted wash mittens from Guatemala.

Christmas Gifts | Wash Mittens

If you know someone with a little one on the way, consider gifting the Harmony Bell Necklace.

First Christmas Ever! | Harmony Bell

This sterling silver necklace features a bell pendant meant to soothe both mother and baby with its gentle chime, and wearing the harmony bell while expecting is an important tradition in many cultures around the world.

First Christmas Together

Nothing says love like a pair of matching mugs! For newlyweds, the past year has probably been full of big moments – wedding planning, bridal showers, and, of course, the big day itself. But, some of the life’s happiest moments are yet to come, such as quiet mornings spent together over a cup of coffee.

The polka dot stoneware mugs are sweet, sturdy, and handcrafted by skilled potters working with the Association of Craft Producers, a nonprofit group in Nepal that provides fair wages and design, marketing, and technical services to artisans.

First Christmas Together | Eternal Love Sculpture

If the whole matchy-matchy thing isn’t for you, the Eternal Love Sculpture, handcrafted in Kenya, and the Guiding Star Necklace, handcrafted in Cambodia, are both meaningful gifts to give on your first Christmas as a married couple.

First Christmas in a New Home

Perhaps you know someone celebrating their first Christmas in their first home. Mostly likely this new home is a tiny studio apartment that doesn’t feel much like home yet. Here’s where you can help! Make their new space feel a little homier by gifting the Deep Current Vase. Nothing brightens a place up like a bouquet of fresh cut flowers and having a gorgeous vessel in which to stow them kicks things up a notch. Or help them feel a little more at ease with the Stone Incense Holder Plate and Nature’s Garden Incense Set.

First Christmas in a new home | Incense Holder

This unique incense holder can hold up to five sticks at once and the incense set features fifteen lovely fragrances, so they can mix and match to create a fragrance profile that makes them feel most at home.

For someone a little bit older celebrating this Christmas in a new house, consider gifting something they can show off at the many hosting events they’ll be holding over the years in their new space.

Ethical Christmas Gifts | Happy Home Wall Hanging

The Happy Home Wall Hanging is handcrafted from recycled silk and cotton by artisans working with our fair trade partner Manushi in Nepal. The Medieval Reverse Painted Tray is a stunning and unique piece crafted by artisans in Peru using a centuries old painting technique. They’ll be eager to show it off again and again!

First Christmas with a New Member of the Family

Didn’t we already talk about babies? We did, but now we need to talk about those slightly furrier babies – pets! Whether you’re a cat family, a dog family, or both, don’t forget to put an ethical gift under your tree for your new critter.

First Christmas with a new pet | Fetching Fabric Dog Collar

Deck your dog out in the New Trick Dog Collar or the Fetching Fabric Dog Collar and give your shoes a break by gifting the Crunchy Critter Dog Toy. And what would your new kitty love more than another place to sleep!

First Christmas with a new pet | Recycled Sari Cat Bed

The Recycled Sari Cat Bed features an upcycled fabric pillow and a basket hand-woven with Hogla grass and upcycled plastic, making it an eco-friendly place for many cat naps to come.

First Christmas as Empty Nesters

If this is your parents’ first year in an empty nest, consider gifting something to commemorate the achievement of raising you! For Mom, gift the skillfully hand-carved Elephant Shelf Sitter. Elephants live in matriarchal societies, so this will be a sweet gift to celebrate her leadership and her joyful spirit! For Dad, gift the Carved Owl Tealight Holder as a symbol for his role as a guiding light full of wisdom.

Fair Trade Christmas Gifts | Carved Owl Tealight Holder

If you’re the parents finally enjoying some peace and quiet, gift each other something to celebrate the new tranquil state of your home! Dad can finally enjoy a slow morning with the Pour-Over Coffee Maker and the Paisley Cotton Robe will look lovely on Mom.

First Christmas as Retirees

After a life of hard work, newly retired folk deserve something extra special. The hand-embroidered Wonderful World Wall Hanging is just the ticket if they are planning to use their free time to travel.

For those more inclined to pick up some hobbies at home, the stately Stones of Antiquity Lamp will shed light on their new projects. Or if they are planning to paint the town red now that work nights are no longer a hindrance, the Midnight Blue Necklace and Earrings will help them do so in style.

In the bustle of the year, it’s easy to take turning over a new leaf for granted. The holidays are a perfect time to step back and reflect on this year’s big moments. Gift intentionally this year by choosing gifts that recognize and celebrate your loved ones’ many accomplishments and exciting new adventures.

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