You’ve Never Seen Christmas Nativity Sets Like These…

Ten Thousand Villages brings you some of the most unique nativity sets from around the world. Each one handcrafted from materials often specific to the regions in which they originate and in styles that represent the vision and culture of the artisan.

Nativity Sets:

Arctic Nativity Sets

Arctic Nativity

Christmas happens to fall at a chilly time of year in the U.S. Have you ever felt like you wouldn’t be surprised if you saw a polar bear outside your window on a cold Christmas morning?


Andean Village Candle Nativity Sets

Andean Village Candle Nativity

Inspired by the village of Cusco, this nativity has a hollow space inside to fit a candle. The flickering flame will glow brightly through the open windows of this tiny Andean Village where Christmas is celebrated each year.


Nativity in a Bottle

Nativity in a Bottle

Just as a message in a bottle would traverse great distances, baby Jesus is born after a long journey through the desert.  A nativity that captures both a sense of travel and wonder, you won’t find one like this anywhere else.


Bengal Nativity Sets

Bengal Nativity

Christmas is celebrated all around the world. Add a global touch to your decorating this season with this Indian-themed Nativity scene.


Music Box Nativity Sets

Music Box Nativity

This olive wood nativity is a music box that plays Oh Little Town of Bethlehem. Bethlehem is not only the birthplace of Jesus, it is also close to the village of Beit Sahour, where this box was carved from pruned olive branches by a workshop founded by Raja Bannoura. Their work brings neighbors together to create beautiful figures in a community unsettled by civil violence.


Kenya Gourd Nativity Sets

Kenya Gourd Nativity

Natural gourd in the sandy color of desert provides shelter for the holy family. The figures are made of banana fiber, a renewable material easily accessed and processed by the artisans of OTICART in Kenya. The shape of each gourd is unique, just as nature intended. And because each nativity is made entirely by hand, they are all treasures one-of-a-kind.


Family Circle Nativity Sets

Family Circle Nativity

Carved smoothly and with expert precision to achieve a form as organic as the wood from which it is derived. This nativity is a simple and elegant piece that will help you celebrate the season.


Traveling Bus Nativity Sets

Traveling Bus Nativity

That trek across the desert would probably have been much easier if there was a bus. Delight in this whimsical nativity from Peru, a joyful and modern interpretation of the classic story of Jesus’s birth.


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