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Gourd Owl Ornament

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  • Description

    Thoughtful round owl ornament is made from an etched gourd. Artisans working with Manos Amigas in Lima, Peru, carve the design, after which they accent it with red-hot pieces of burned wood. The gourd is then painted with a natural paint made from ground chalk mixed with water. Later most of the finish is washed off; the residue gives beauty to the carved parts of the design. Decorative only. Keep out of reach of children.

  • Product Details +
    • Etched gourd
    • As gourds vary naturally, sizes, shapes and designs will also vary.
    • Made in Peru

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    SKU: 6114040

  • The Makers
    Manos Amigas

    Manos AmigasManos Amigas, “Hands Joined In Friendship,” works with family workshops and small businesses making a variety of handicrafts in impoverished areas of Lima and in the Andean highlands. Read more.

Reviews (1)

  • A real hoot!

    . . . . .

    You'll fall in love with the exquisite detail of this amazing gourd ornament! Looks as amazing as the photo and there's design literally all over the ball (back, front,top and bottom)!

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