A passion for the welfare of others

As an organization established to help create jobs and enrich the lives of artisans living in some of the most underdeveloped areas of the world, we spend a lot of time thinking of others. It may surprise you to know how much and how far our commitment extends to ensuring that our products do not compromise the welfare of our customers.

Our comprehensive set of programs and policies works to ensure that all of our products are safe for you. We adhere to a rigorous safety-testing program. We are compliant with all federal legislation regarding product safety standards.

We have a passion for selling fair trade products and telling artisan stories. At the same time, we embrace our responsibility to provide products that are safe. And, every day, we actively work to make certain that all of our products remain safe for your enjoyment and use, as intended.

Ten Thousand Villages buyers carefully select all of our handmade products. We demonstrate responsibility for the safety of our products in the following ways:

Ten Thousand Villages artisans and buyers collaborate on product development processes to ensure the production of quality products.

Ten Thousand Villages hires an independent testing laboratory to test products to ensure consumer safety.

Ten Thousand Villages tests toys to ensure they are safe for use by children ages 3 years of age and older.

Ten Thousand Villages implements continual adjustments and improvements to meet and/or exceed the requirements for overall product safety.

Ten Thousand Villages reviews rules with regard to new requirements introduced by ongoing changes and responds accordingly.

If you have any questions about Ten Thousand Villages product safety guidelines, contact our Customer Service Department at 877-833-8341.